Download Chapter One of A Confidence Carol for Free! [Update: Full release on 12/16/13!]

As promised, the first chapter of A Confidence Carol is now available for free and for one week only (PDF only for the single chapter, apologies).  Enjoy!

[The week is up, but check back Monday, December 16th for the full release on Amazon!]

As you’ll see, I wanted to do more than just make a contemporary retelling of A Christmas Carol. Being a huge fan of the classic, I wanted to pay homage to it by preserving a lot of the style and more signature lines from the Dickens version. The result I think is very unique, and I would liken it to being more of a literary remix than just a modern day face-lift.

And I am sure I am breaking Product Launching 101, but the exact release date for the entire book is not yet set in stone (getting to make my own timeline is both a small curse and a blessing of independent publishing). If I were a betting man, I would expect it to be on Amazon sometime during the second week of December. Unless of course I decide that Ethan would be so much cooler as a hypochondriac with a Cajun accent and I end up having to rewrite a large portion of the text.

No matter when it lands, I will post an update here and on social media as soon as I figure that out. Be sure to subscribe so that you aren’t having to check back incessantly and distort my page views (and self-esteem).

What did you think of the first chapter? 


  1. Emily Reply

    Well, if you do need help with a Cajun accent, I can actually help with that haha.

    I’m settling in with a cup of tea to read chapter 1! 🙂

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