A Confidence Carol

Copy of cover_skyline_newblur (1)On December 30th, lonesome and joyless Ethan Simmons is finishing up for the year at his dreary office job. His co-worker and crush, Bailey, invites him to a New Year’s celebration, but she storms out after Simmons goes on a bitter rant about resolutions and self-improvement in general. Finally escaping the office and catching his train home, Simmons convinces himself that he needs none of the glittery festivities of the season, and prepares for another solitary night in his apartment.

Instead, Simmons is visited by his former roommate, Joseph Martin, who has been dead for four years. Martin explains that because he did not pursue a life of passion or purpose, he has been sentenced to roam the earth as a restless soul to make up for his wasted mortality. He informs Simmons that he will be visited by three spirits—the Ghost of Confidence Past, the Ghost of Attraction Present, and the Ghost of Lifestyle Future—that will show him the wrong of his ways.

Inspired by the Dickens classic, A Confidence Carol is a poignant, kitschy, and honest contemporary tale of one man who conquers the limiting beliefs and insecurities found in all of us.

What others are saying:

“This is a wonderful take on a classic. Each spirit is its own, well written character who not only teaches our protagonist, but allows the reader to take a look at their own life.” — Alex

“Insightful without being campy, this novella departs its wisdom with the tact and warmness of a conversation with a trusted friend.” — Jacob

“This book offers an introspective and eerily honest examination of life that any twenty-something young man can relate to. Ethan Simmons is one of the most accessible characters I have met in a long time, and I feel inspired to analyze my own life in the same manner that Simmons does.” — Ryan

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How To Get A Job In Sports PR


For those that want to work in college or professional sports, no where else will you find this kind detailed of instruction for pursuing and obtaining a job in this exclusive industry (I know, I’ve looked).

In fall of 2009, I was a junior in college and wanted more than anything to work in the public relations side of sports. However, I had zero relevant experience on my resume, and no idea of where to begin.

How To Get A Job In Sports PR chronicles, in detail, every step I took to obtain internship positions with the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets, two NCAA Division-I athletic departments, and with Major League Soccer’s HQ in New York City. These internships eventually allowed me to land a full-time job in the Olympic movement just a few years alter.

As if we were having a conversation over lunch, I pull no punches and tell you like it is in this easy-to-follow guide.

Inside You’ll Find:

• Why you should major in something other than sports management
• A foolproof method for getting your first break in the industry
• Common questions (with example answers) asked in sports jobs interviews
• The single most important skill you should learn for success in the field (and life)
• Samples of cover letters and emails sent to real industry professionals

And much more!

What others are saying:

“Not being too familiar with public relations in sports, I found that the book did a great job explaining the nuts and bolts of the field. Through his experiences, Mr. Elsass gave a great guide on how to get a job not just in Sports PR but in any field. Never burdensome, the author’s prose is easy to read!” — Nick

“[How To Get A Job In Sports PR] contains some details that the author admits came from him speaking with a cousin who was already established within the NFL industry. He also covers the hierarchical set-up of the way Sports PR is set-up with listing some of the following careers; Vice President of Public Relations, Manager of Communication, Director of Business Communication, Multimedia Manager, intern etc.” — Stella

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