Announcing: A Confidence Carol

With much delay, and without further ado, I am happy to finally announce my next book (cover is a work in progress and designed by Jacob Fox):

A Confidence Carol

Cover 3

On December 30th, the lonesome and joyless Ethan Simmons is finishing up for the year at his dreary office job. His co-worker and crush, Bailey, invites him to a New Year’s celebration, but she storms out after Simmons goes on a bitter rant about New Year’s resolutions and self-improvement in general. Finally escaping the office and catching his train home, Simmons convinces himself that he needs none of the glittery festivities of the season, and prepares for another solitary night in his apartment.

Instead, Simmons is visited by his former roommate, Joseph Martin, who has been dead for four years. Martin explains that because he did not pursue a life of passion or purpose, he has been sentenced to roam the earth as a restless soul to make up for his wasted mortality. He informs Simmons that he will be visited by three spirits—the Ghost of Confidence Past, the Ghost of Dating Present, and the Ghost of Lifestyle Future—that will show him the wrong of his ways.

Inspired by the Dickens classic, A CONFIDENCE CAROL is a poignant and honest contemporary tale of one man who conquers the limiting beliefs and insecurities found in all of us.

I will be releasing the first chapter for free and for one week only right here on As of now, look for it to land on November 29th, and let it serve as an escape from the Black Friday madness.

The full version will be available in early December wherever Kindle ebooks are sold. . .so, Amazon. Around that same time, keep an eye out for a completely overhauled site (moreso than it was for this current format).

Be sure to subscribe for more updates in the coming weeks and check it out when it lands. . .it’s like A Christmas Carol meets Perks of Being A Wallflower with cooler ghosts and an even more angsty protagonist.

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