The Sincerest High

It’s the sincerest high,
Just that—saying ‘hi’.
Over and over,
Countless times in a night.

Many of these people I will never see again,
But I know left my energy and impression with them.
Our buzz shall be amplified by our emotions;
The other way around seems broken.

As I bounce around the floors
My hellos open new doors.
Momentum builds,
This must be what it’s like to have social skills.

It’s something that feels so damn right
Something that used to keep me up at night,
Rolling may be associated with MDMA
But to me it’s not having to think about what to say.

Alcohol and drugs can be a boost or a crutch
But being able to achieve this state without either is a must,
For the most beautiful feelings
Come from this energy, come from belonging.

Journal entry from January 2014, written after a party.

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