Making moves and starting grooves

If you have tried to come here in the past few weeks, you likely noticed a comedy of errors including weird formatting issues, being able to see the back-end of WordPress, and of course little-to-no updates.

Due to a combination of problems between my host and my own WordPress illiteracy, I had to switch servers, which involved the tedious process of moving over all the content post-by-post (I am sure an easier method exists, but again, WordPress is not my strong-suit). There are still a few issues I am working out like dysfunctional internal links and getting domain names to be the same as they were on the old site, but I am just relieved to have everything up again with a provider I now trust.

As I had mentioned in the past, a complete site overhaul was planned for December, and that has not changed. The current look is just a placeholder for now, however the revamp will also be very clean, minimal, and will utilize some amazing headshots that my brother recently took of me. That site debut will of course coincide with. . .

The second book. I am still waiting for the cover to be finalized before releasing any more details, but it will happen sometime in October. Currently I am working with a professional editor, and it makes me laugh to think that I ever considered not using one for this book. Not only is she helping me polish the whole thing stylistically and grammatically, she makes me ask myself the hard questions about the characters’ development and their underlying motives, things I never would have pushed myself to do if I were working solo. 

I’ve also had a few good friends be kind enough to volunteer their time to do a read-through of the ‘rough-final-draft’ once I finish the current re-write. I am extremely excited (and nervous) to finally share what I have worked on nearly every single day since March with other people and hear what they think.

If you’re not in that group, do not fret, because in the week leading up to the book’s release (December 6th is the new the target date, formerly the 2nd), the first chapter will be available to download for free right here on my site.

A few weeks ago I was also fortunate enough to have been interviewed on Skype by Vincent Nguyen of the fantastic self-development site, Self-Stairway. Vincent saw my 90 Strangers in 30 Days post on reddit and is going to be doing a case study on the project and myself in his upcoming ebook, The Compact Guide to Charisma, Confidence, and Being Well-Liked.

I can’t say that it wasn’t a little weird being interviewed about an idea that I had conceived in the shower one night last May, but I am still extremely flattered about the whole thing and am looking forward to reading Vincent’s book.

Until then, pardon my dust and look out for more frequent updates–if not by the end of the year, the blog game will be stepped up massively in 2014. 

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