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Sports: In addition to being a lifelong fan of all things sport (the more obscure the better), from 2009-2015 I worked in the PR side of the industry with an NHL team, the MLS league offices, two NCAA Division I athletic departments, and an organization in the Olympic movement. The majority of the freelance work I do relates to sport and I love having the opportunity to tell its story.

Travel: Freelancing has afforded me the opportunity to work while traveling anywhere in the world there is stable Wi-Fi. Always obsessed with maps and faraway places, since 2015 I’ve been lucky enough to work from multiple countries across three different continents. I’ve studied Spanish in Latin America, Thai in Thailand, and am always trying to tap into the real ‘feel’ of the places I go.

Self-Development: I  was hopelessly shy until my young twenties. That was when a friend introduced me to some self-development material that showed me that I actually have control over what kind of person I am. A few years later I did an experiment I hoped would bust me out of my shell once and for all that I later got to give a TEDx Talk about. While I believe too much focus on self-development is toxic, the right amount and type can be life changing.

Fitness: I’ve always been a remarkably average athlete, but not for a lack of enthusiasm. I’ve been known to do random things like run the highest 10k in America even though I hate running, train for and enter Olympic weightlifting competitions I have no business being in, and am always looking for that next random physical challenge I can push myself with.

Writing: In addition to being a fulltime freelancer, I’ve written three books and ultimately hope to pay the bills as an author someday. Much like a shark, I imagine if I go a day without writing (something I can’t remember the last time I did) I will literally drop dead. I love writing about my experiences in the above four niches, guides to help people overcome challenges I once had, and fiction that has incorporates a heavy dose of nostalgia.

Really I’m all about diving deep into something new, treating myself as a guinea pig, then sharing what I’ve learned with others through writing. Think of me as Tim Ferriss meets A.J. Jacobs: If it’s something I can experiment with first hand, record data on, and analyze the results, I’m all about it.

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