For The Sake Of Posting

The lack of new content is merely a consequence of my own good fortune.

Freelancing has been going incredibly well—better than I could have anticipated even a year ago—but it’s left little time for personal writing projects. I consider this only a temporary circumstance, as it’s not for a lack of ideas, just time: my Evernote list of “Posts to Write” is quickly turning into a tome in itself.

A while ago I decided the blog was going to be nothing more than a form of self-amusement, a way to show potential clients that I know how to write a blog post, and hopefully as a means to entertain one or two people. One reason for this was limited personal bandwidth; another was that it takes me way too long to write, edit, and publish a single 1000-word post. However, due to the volume of freelance work I’ve been doing, I’m finding that I am now able to articulate clearer, quicker, and have become an overall more efficient writer—which makes me all the more excited to eventually get back into a posting groove again.

And since posting begets more posting, I thought I’d give some brief updates on some other things I’ve been up to:

1.Moody_BookCover_Final Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be the editor for my good friend Michael Moody’s new book, Redefine YourselfThe book is an easy-to-read guide for making small, yet powerful, alterations to your daily routine and thought patterns that can lead to dramatic life changes.

Whether he knows it or not, I’ve always considered Michael a mentor of mine, so I was extremely honored when he asked me to take my red pen to his project. As someone who has read his fair share of self-development books, I can’t recommend this one enough for anyone wanting a straight-to-the-point guidebook for improving their quality of life—be sure to pick up your copy from Amazon today.

2. For the third year running, I will be doing another social experiment this June. Like last year though, it will involve people I both know and don’t know, so details won’t be revealed until after it’s over.

3. My site received a mention in the Envato Market blog as a great example of the ‘hero’ design trend. Thanks and props again to my great friend and digital designer-extraordinaire, Jacob-Fox,envato on the re-design.

4. I’m not sure what took me so long, but I’m now on Goodreads! Let’s be book buddies. You can keep tabs on my progress as I slog through Infinite Jest.

5. After reaching a new low point with caffeine (two full coffee mugs of espresso each morning on top of additional drip coffee at work), I finally have things under control again.

Funny enough, I now have way more energy and focus than I did before. Credit to Guayaki’s Yerba Mate line for helping me cut it off easy with Miss Brown Eyes.

6. Finally, I have a massive announcement coming late this summer. For a variety of reasons, I can’t say anything else about it, but much will be written when that time comes.

More soon.

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