Book deux

I am excited to announce that the rough draft of my second book is now complete, printed, and ready for a heavy round of editing devastation.

While I’m not ready to disclose too many details about it, I will say that it is a modern interpretation (i.e., literary remix) of a classic novel that everyone knows and loves- sorry, there will be no zombies.

The idea was born in the notes section of my iPhone as I was falling asleep one night last October. Although I was planning to write a different story next, this particular idea refused to leave my mind, and I figured the only way to stop thinking about it was to write it first.

It’s been an incredible amount of fun to work on thus far, and I think will serve as a good transition project for me from writing non-fiction into a completely original novel for my third book (not to get ahead of myself at all).

My target date to have the book released is Monday, December 2nd. If you’re smart, the seasonal release date should give you a good idea of which book I am ripping off- erm, being inspired by.

I plan on working with an editor this time around to make it the very best piece of digital prose that I can, although at this time I admittedly have no idea how to go about finding a good one and how much I am going to have to pay them to tell me that my second chapter sucks and that I should re-write the whole thing.

Depending on how I feel about the project at its completion (meaning if I don’t utterly despise it), I plan to submit the manuscript to publishers, of course in hopes that I could get it hardbound, but also simply to learn more about the publishing (i.e., rejection) process.

My goal is to sell double the amount of copies I did on my first book, which I hopefully shouldn’t have too much trouble doing, as How To Get A Job In Sports In PR was an incredibly niche topic, and the number of units sold would not meet the minimum age to be elected President.

As December nears, I will release more details as well some titillating excerpts. Jacob Fox, who designed the kickass cover for my first book, has agreed to go ahead and do the most important part of an ebook again this time around.

And if you can’t wait to read my next book (stop laughing, you), I am currently reading/devouring Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art. If you are currently procrastinating from doing something important by reading this blog post, I encourage you to go read that instead. It’s all kinds of motivating.

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