90 Strangers in 30 Days- Progress Update 2

This post is part of a 30-day social experiment I did that focused on becoming more social. Also check out the project introductionupdate onethe post-project recap, my five biggest takeaways, and the wildly popular reddit post

As fate would have it, I caught a break with the 90 Strangers project that has given me a little more variety in my options for chatting up new people.

From last Thursday through this coming Monday, I have been on a last-minute work trip out of state. While I have always read about airports and hotels being great places to have interesting conversations, in my limited travel experience I’ve always traveled with other people, making it harder (in my mind) to break off and socialize with strangers.

But starting a conversation while travelling has been as easy as putting my phone away and instead asking locals about where the best places to eat are. People love to brag about awesome spots that they don’t get to talk about often if they are common knowledge among natives.

Older people especially seem open to sharing their hometown pride and sharing the must-know and see details. This of course leads in to where I’m from, why I am visiting, or any other limitless number of possible conversation threads.

And although the trip has kept me especially busy and put me in a more ‘professional’ role where I can’t just chat up anyone I please, my conversation count for the month is already up to 83- obviously well above my goal of three per day.

As I roll into the final week of the project I hope to get a little more adventurous with my conversation starters, especially on my return flights back to Colorado.

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