I was a full-time employee at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency from February 2013-August 2015. My first position there was in the Olympic Education department which had me oversee the annual publication of the Athlete Handbook and Pocket Guide. These publications detailed the sports drug testing process and were delivered by mail and in-person to thousands of America’s Olympic, Paralympic, and other elite athletes and coaches. This process entailed copyediting, writing, as well as incorporating the input from half a dozen different people in various departments at USADA.

Using a program called Claro, I was also in charge of writing the copy and creating the flow for the Athlete’s Advantage and Coach’s Advantage online tutorials, the former of which is required to be taken annually by elite-level athletes.

In 2015 when the organization was doing a major overhaul of USADA.org, I contributed page-by-page edits to the site’s copy. The site ended up winning 2015 AVA Digital Awards Gold, given to creative professionals that demonstrate excellence excellence in the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication items.

I also served as editor-in-chief the Spirit of Sport, a biannual publication dedicated to providing those in the Olympic movement with timely information in regards to anti-doping.