TrueSport is a grassroots movement powered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) that assists parents and coaches in promoting a positive youth sport experience for their athletes. By partnering with organizations throughout the United States (such as USA Swimming, Air Force Academy Sports Camps, and A’s & Aces tennis camps), TrueSport offers values-based education to help young athletes learn the tools they need to succeed both in sport and life.

In 2015, I served as TrueSport’s digital editor and managed their social media channels, email campaign (5,000+ subscribers), website, and contributed copy to a number of various projects. I also helped edit the TrueSport Playbook, a 160-page curriculum designed to help youth sport coaches and camp administrators easily insert lessons based around values like sportsmanship, nutrition, and leadership into their programs.

Since going full-time freelance, I continue to work with TrueSport on a contractor basis and do the large majority of the copy writing, editing, content management, and SEO work for the new