When I was in junior high, my dream was to be a sports columnist. But as I got older, my interests changed slightly and I don’t know that I ever developed hot enough takes about the local college team to warrant a probably-already struggling paper to hire me on as a beat writer.

But I have been lucky enough since to a great deal of sports writing in the form of Top X lists, easing my inner 7th grader soul. A lot of these pieces are ghostwritten (or translated into other languages) but they often are for incredibly niche sites and require me to do a fair amount of research on sports and teams I have no prior knowledge about. Some samples of these types of titles are (subject has been changed slightly as not to violate any NDAs):

  • Mexico’s Greatest Olympic Boxers
  • Best Broncos Fantasy Performances Of The Season
  • The Greatest Nights In Swedish Football
  • Top 5 Mississippi State Baseball Games Of All-Time
  • Will Inter Make The Champions League Next Season?

And literally hundreds more on sites like The Sportster, NY Sports Day, World Boxing News, and countless others.