Thanks to my scattershot career trajectory, I’ve worked on seemingly everything with words short of skywriting. Much of this has been ghostwriting (which is sadly nowhere near as awesome as that old PBS show), but here is some recent work I can share:

Articles, Listicles, Posts

Melody & Whiskey: Axe and the Oak Distillery (Colorado Collective)

Every Premier League Team’s Best Striker of All-Time (The Sportster)

The 6 Stages of Bullying (TrueSport)

Books (As Editor)

Redefine Yourself by Michael Moody

2014 Athlete Handbook (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency)

The Ruggers’ Edge College Playbook 2014-15 (The Rugger’s Edge)

Other Stuff

Newsletter: Spirit of Sport — Contributor & Editor (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency)

Digital Newsletter: This Week In MLSContributor & Editor (Major League Soccer)

Press Releases: New York Red Bulls Forward Thierry Henry Voted MLS Player of the Month (Major League Soccer)

Classroom Handout: Hydration lesson (TrueSport)

Parent Handout: Preparation (TrueSport)

Video Scripts:  3 Recovery Tips For Youth Athletes (TrueSport)

App Copywriting: Deck Pass (USA Swimming/TrueSport)

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