how to survive thailand with a peanut allergy

When I found out I would be living in small-town Thailand for five months, one of my first thoughts was “So this will be how I die.”

Having a peanut allergy, ‘Thai food’ was shorthand to me for tempting-rice-and-meat-dishes-slathered-in-peanut-death-sauce. Previous attempts at eating Thai food in America had me reaching for the Benadryl and/or careening into a bathroom stall to return to sender.

Needless to say, I was…cautious about my predicament. Would I find (tasty) alternatives to eat? Would my weight rival that time I had mono? Would I freekin’ die?

Spoilers: this page wasn’t written posthumously. While there were some sketchy moments in the first few weeks (mostly from my own idiocy), traveling to Thailand with a peanut allergy turned out to completely doable after I figured out a few key things. To my surprise, avoiding peanuts there wasn’t any more difficult than it was growing up in America.

Of course, I’m fortunate I had such a long time in the country to ‘practice’ eating to not die. Also helpful was taking Thai language lessons on the side, as the insights I gained from my teachers helped me communicate and navigate the country’s cuisine easily.

To pass along the information I wish I had had before my own trip, I’ve made a free survival cheat sheet as well as a short book to help those traveling to Thailand with a peanut allergy understand they won’t need to bring a week’s supply of SunButter to subsist on (or an ammo belt of EpiPens).

Thailand is an amazing place full of beautiful scenery, mesmerizing temples, and yes—amazing food, allergy or not. To me, the country’s culinary reputation as peanutphiles is inaccurate and I truly believe Thailand can be enjoyed by anyone. Let me show you how.

Free Survival Guide PDF

With this one-page guide you’ll find all you need to know to make it through Thailand unscathed by peanuts:

-A list of 25 safe foods you can find just about anywhere
-Which common Thai foods to avoid at all costs
-How to explain your allergy to Thai to waitstaff and cooks

Have the free PDF emailed to you today:

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Get the Book, “How To Survive Thailand With A Peanut Allergy”

JULY 2018 UPDATE: I am currently pitching the full book to agents and traditional publishers (if you are either of those things and interested, say hey). If there’s no bites by year’s end, plan is to self-publish in early 2019.

The book, aptly named How To Survive Thailand With A Peanut Allergy, features all of the above as well as:

-A simple packing list that will make you peanut-proof
-What to do in an emergency situation
-How Western Thai food is different than the real thing
-Three life-saving apps I relied on heavily
-What buying allergy medication in Thailand is like
-The four things to remember most when traveling in Thailand with a peanut allergy
-The food Thai people often confuse as a nut
-Six Days In Bangkok: a short travelogue of my first six days in Thailand, detailing everything I ate (successfully and unsuccessfully)

I’d say ‘and much more!’, but other than quippy footnotes, interesting science tidbits, some made-up words, and plenty of nut puns, that’s pretty much it.

Questions about my personal experience as a no-nutto in Thailand? Shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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