Much of my stuff was written when I was 23 and thought I was destined to become the next Tony Robbins. While I now think these posts suck and are borderline-embarassing, some people still seem to like them, so I keep them up over here.

But below are a few pieces that I still actually like, which have generally been my most shared and read as well:

Five Inspirational Macklemore Songs You Probably Haven’t Heard — He’s much more than just the “Thrift Shop guy”, and his music has made a profound impact on the lives of countless people. Easily the most popular thing I’ve written that’s not related to 90 Strangers.

90 Strangers in 30 Days: Five Big Takeaways — The post that exploded on reddit and told me I was on to something. To read more, check out my dedicated 90 Strangers In 30 Days page.

The Rudest Question: “Why are you so shy?” — A little taste about how I feel toward our society that chooses to stigmatize instead of help those that don’t develop social skills naturally. Don’t ask people this.

Why I’m Grateful I Was A Message Board Nerd For 10+ Years — For about 10 years and over 10,000 posts-worth about the politics of the Mushroom Kingdom and god knows what else, I was unknowingly practicing to become a writer.

Sticky Lips And A Loose Memory — Way too many words about my experience speaking at TEDx ColoradoSprings in November 2016.

Who Sells Chicken Eggs?: Adventures Learning Thai In Thailand — For some reason, I studied Thai in Thailand for five months. Here’s what happened.

How the Grinch Got His Shit Together — One Christmas, I decided for fun / To write a parody poem / About my generation’s frustration

Things People Say When You Quit Your Job To Travel — In 2015, I did the whole “quit my office job and backpack around Latin America” thing. What people said in response to that was interesting, and not at all what I expected.

How To Buy A Job Interview For $3 — Spoiler: you mostly just ask.

The Idea Honeymoon — In a time where we over-exaggerate the new and shiny, it’s often the old and dusty that we love most.

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