Hi, I’m Andrew Elsass! I’m a freelance content writer, and this site is the home for my services as well as a hub for my own personal writing projects.

What’s your story?

I am originally from Springboro, Ohio, a quaint place best known as the hometown of the dude that plays guitar for Blondie.

After graduating college with a degree in communications, I briefly worked in the public relations side of sports despite having limited ability to do any actual relating to the public. So in 2015, I decided to go full-time freelance and since then I’ve been lucky enough to work 100% remotely from wherever in the world I have a strong internet connection. Mainly I write blog posts and site copy for my clients, though I really dig writing long-form content whenever I can, too.  

In between all that I’ve also authored a couple of books, something I hope to do full-time someday.

What is your personal writing about?

While I used to be big into self-development and dreamt of being a guru blogger superstar, the past few years I’ve shifted more to writing about my (often extremely niche) interests.

Sometimes this means I dream up weird social experiments, go do them, and then write about the results like I did with 90 Strangers In 30 Days and 90 Compliments In 30 Days. Other times it means I like to write about college football kickers, my observations while solo traveling, or listening to and ranking 500 pop punk albums based on completely arbitrary criteria I make up (in progress).

What is 90 Strangers In 30 Days?

In June 2013, I created and did a social experiment called 90 Strangers In 30 Days, which had me push myself to try and start conversations with at least three people I didn’t know every day for an entire month. A post I wrote about the experiment then blew up on reddit, and years later I still receive messages from people telling me that the project inspired them to improve their own social skills.

It became clear to me that this was a message people wanted to hear (and an issue people wanted addressed), so I’m currently working on ways in which I can further expand and explore this idea (such as the TEDx Talk I gave in November 2016 and a completed manuscript I’m currently shopping to publishers).

Photo by Jay Billups

Why do you get so fired up about social skills?

Extreme shyness and social anxiety were things I eventually learned to overcome in my early twenties after feeling like a spectator to my own life. I don’t believe in the ‘it’s just something people grow out of’ attitude society has toward withdrawn individuals; social confidence is an important skill-set that can and should be taught as early as possible.

My quality of life has skyrocketed since I learned to come out my ‘shell’, and whether someone picks things up naturally or they had to read a how-to book, they are skills everyone deserves the opportunity to learn.

What else do you like?

I love sports–generally the more niche, the better. I’ve competed in a few Olympic weightlifting competitions and being an Ohioan and Ohio State alum, it’s required that I am obsessed with college football. I also follow soccer (go Fulham) and hockey (go Jackets) reasonably close.

Music has also been very important in my life, particularly pop punk, house, and ska. My all-time favorite band is Streetlight Manifesto and I believe Tomas Kalnoky to be the greatest songwriter of our time.

And as a writer I consider it part of the job to read a ton. While I tell myself each January that I am going to branch out and read more fiction, I always end up just reading mostly business, history, and other niche non-fiction books.

Has Anyone (Besides Yourself) Written About You?

I’ve been interviewed, featured in, or otherwise mentioned a few different places:

What next?

Now that you know what I am all about, here are some of my most popular posts (and a few personal favorites) to get started with:

More of my writing can be found here. And a list of my freelance writing services lives here.

How Can I Get In Touch?

I love connecting with new people, so feel free to drop me a line at andrew@andrewelsass.com or on any of the following: