A Brief Background

1988: Born.
1989-1994: ???
1995-2002ish: Filled countless notebooks full of stats and stories for sports that didn’t exist. Decided I wanted to work in the PR side of sports.
2011-2015: Worked in the PR side of pro, collegiate, and Olympic sports. Filled documents and spreadsheets full of stats, records, and stories for sports that do exist. Then decided I wanted to travel while freelancing full-time instead.
2015-2018: Freelanced full-time while traveling. Ghostwrote about sports, travel, tech, and entertainment. Then decided I didn’t want to do ghostwriting anymore.
2018-?: Started teaching English in Japan. Working on personal projects while also thinking about what’s next.

~2025: Opening world’s first drive-thru barber shop.

A Slightly-Less-Brief Background:

I’m originally from Springboro, Ohio, which is not-at-all well known as the hometown of the guitarist in Blondie.

After five internships, I defied the odds by getting a job with my communication degree. Getting tired of going to the same place every day/having to wear pants, I went full-time freelance in 2015 so I could work while traveling/not wearing pants. I mainly ghostwrote blog posts about sports, entertainment, and technology, but did some other things too.

In between, I wrote some books and also did a social experiment to see if I could talk to a ton of strangers in a single month. I could, so I gave a TEDx Talk about the experience. Around this time, I liked to write about self-development, as I was in my early twenties and had everything all figured out. Now that I realize I have nothing figured out, I like to write about my random interests and random things I’ve done.

In addition to fictional sports leagues and writing deadpan, I love pop punk, Streetlight Manifesto, college football, the Columbus Blue Jackets, reading WikiTravel, Cuban food, and this song about sandwiches.

(Media) Places I’ve Been

Get In Touch

I love working on awesome projects with awesome people. Shoot me a message at andrew@andrewelsass.com or on any of the social media outlets below (bonus points if it’s Last.fm).